Management and Scrum

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by michael
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11:36 am March 11, 2014

Hi all, I'm planning to pass the PSM I and I found a particular topic that is not clear for me regarding how management of the organisation is related to Scrum.
I understand that Management should approve using Scrum in the company. But is there any other area where Management can be involved?

11:53 am March 11, 2014

Yes. Management shouldn't merely "approve" the use of Scrum. It should also provide active sponsorship for the requisite organizational change, including a cultural shift towards valuing incremental delivery over long range plans and reports.

Part of this involves refactoring at least some of the management function across the 3 Scrum roles. Scrum Teams must own their delivery process and be able to inspect and adapt it. You can expect to see some questions on this matter and on how team members should respond to unhelpful management interference.

06:38 pm March 11, 2014

Consider some of the following --

A) the SM is considered to be a managerial role
B) People outside the Scrum Team can help remove impediments. Select people may be "management."

01:55 am April 4, 2014

Hi Darya,

Here are two posts that are worth reading, as they cover what happens when scrum is "approved" and not sponsored with commitment. You may be able to save some pain and get an agreement in place early on and even share these posts to show your concerns, approved and sponsored with commitment.
Results will differ between the two, the organization must understand that in its entirety.