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Last post 03:02 am March 29, 2014
by Ian Mitchell
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09:09 am March 24, 2014

In project we have 10 functions in that 1st release at agile sprint only 8 functions are completed .

and rest of 2 are not Done .. and at the time of second agile how we Combined previous 2 functions .

10:16 am March 24, 2014

It appears that at the end of the first sprint you had 2 items of undone work. These items should be re-estimated and retained in the Product Backlog. Normally the Product Backlog will reduce in size accordingly, because the items are usually smaller as a result of any work on them that took place.

The Product Owner can then decide whether or not to ask the team to include these items in the next sprint. If they don't fit in with the goal for that sprint, he or she may consider it more appropriate to defer them until a later one.

11:00 am March 24, 2014

This is a normal and usual case. Development team has the authority to re-negotiate the scope of the sprint with Product Owner during the Sprint execution. In your case, the development team should agree with Product Owner to de-scope these two Not-done functions and Development team then should pick this remaining two functions for the next sprint. The sprint goal for the next sprint will be crafted at the time of Sprint Planning meeting for the next sprint and will address these two outstanding functions. Product Owner will add these 2 functions back in the product backlog and Dev team will re-estimate these.

05:40 am March 27, 2014

I also have a question about this case.
Those 2 cases will be re-estimated and return back to product log. So the re-estimated will happy in Sprint Planing Meeting only. Is my understanding correct?

03:02 am March 29, 2014

During a Sprint Review, the work done and not done is assessed. This includes any work remaining on the Product Backlog, and so this would be a more opportune time for re-estimation than Sprint Planning.