PSPO 1 Passed

Last post 10:45 pm April 7, 2014
by Justin Todd
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04:57 am April 4, 2014

Passed the assessment. Very happy about that. Thanks everyone that helped.


07:20 pm April 4, 2014


10:12 pm April 7, 2014

Any guidance for PSPO I exam preparation ?

Any book / site to practice PSPO I exam questions ?

10:45 pm April 7, 2014

Nothing new really. Just what you will read here on the site.

1. Do the open assessment until you get 100% every time
2. Read some of the books in the PSPO subject areas. I read Scrum: A pocket Guide and Scrum Product Ownership. I probably should have read User Stories Applied as well.
3. Read and fully understand the Scrum Guide. Almost every sentence has a deeper meaning which shows itself the more you understand the guide in entirety.
4. Understand the concept and principles of Agile
5. Google. A lot.
6. Watch videos on You Tube.
7. Participate in the forums on this site.
8. If possible, attend a course.
9. Visit the Resources page on this site

I couldn't find any test exams.

There are definitely more qualified people around here, but if you like, feel free contact me with questions or roadblocks (impediments ;-) ) that you have.

Happy learning.