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Template for daily scrum meeting status

Last post 06:11 pm August 30, 2020 by Ian Mitchell
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04:57 am April 24, 2014

Hi all,
My client need a daily status report to be sent using the i mputs from daily scrum call.
can sombody help me with a template ?

Aparna S

07:20 am April 24, 2014

What does your client need it for?
This request indicates that the purpose of the daily SCRUM is not fully understood.

07:50 am April 24, 2014

I think this is an inevitable behaviour.

It doesn’t matter how much scrum training and/or knowledge the clients receives, at the end of the day it’s about the result. And because of this, they want to be “in control”.
I’m curious in how many Agile participants here has actually told a non-developer “Hey you are a chicken, don’t interfere!”

Despite this, by applying scrum the team is able to communicate towards stakeholders/clients etc. on many levels, like daily, sprint and release planning. So I think you’re talking more on the daily planning level?
If that’s the case, I would communicate something like a burn-down chart, just to give the client an idea of where the team is at.
Just be careful that this level of planning doesn’t happen on personal level. Its a team effort.

04:17 pm April 24, 2014


Before you send this information out, There arises a question how does your daily scrum operate now.
1) Does every participant address his/her tasks completed/ in progress since last call, predicted work to be done till next stand up and finally pointing out impediments or obstacles.. if this ritual is followed clearly, there is no need of any documents minutes unless the audience is a stake holder is overseeing four or five scrum teams.

2) Nevertheless, if you have to send a scrum meeting status. I would recommend to do it in a simple format in an excel and not spend much time on it.
Team :
Scrum Member :
done & planned

04:04 am April 25, 2014

Your client should care about the incremental delivery of results of value, and not about daily status reports. That aside, it's the responsibility of the Product Owner to liaise with and represent the client on an ongoing basis.

If you are a Scrum Master, you have a responsibility to work with other stakeholders to remove impediments so Sprint Goals can be met. As such, might it be appropriate to put the focus on risks, issues and impediments that need to be highlighted to those parties?

02:40 pm May 1, 2014

Making this excel report is a waste, sending and managing this report is a waste. If they want to have an idea of what happening in Daily Scrum Meeting, the best thing they could do is to assist to the DSM and *not interfere*.

Do not send any excel file of any sort, you will be trapped inside it.

The Daily Scrum/Standup Meeting reports already exist. They are the Taskboard and the Burndown chart. Theses are the only report you need to send to your manager. I cannot be clear enough on that.

04:55 am May 2, 2014

I agree with the sprint burn down chart and a list of risk, issues and impediments.

Scrum is all about collaboration, so the product owner can ask the client to be present at the daily scrum meeting but they should NOT be allowed to talk or question the team. Scrum Master as facilitator should ensure that. After the daily scrum meeting is over the client can discuss any issues/concerns with the Product Owner.

Personally I haven't worked on any team where the client has been available to us everyday - if you have such an opportunity then make full use of it.

05:34 pm October 19, 2014 - Your daily scrum report tool
You should also get a web template for Standup Report there.

08:17 pm October 20, 2014

This is common for teams that have been used to a different style of software project management in the past and are used to seeing reports. Suddenly with Scrum they realize there are no reports and feel at a loss. It needs education and convincing that Scrum is efficient and different. It is efficient because it is different. It cuts down on a lot of waste - unnecessary reports, unnecessary meetings etc. but still makes everything transparent. The scrum artifiacts - sprint backlog, sprint burndown are the artifiacts the customer should be looking at. It seems like currently he is not plugged into the process. But he should be.

04:23 am March 14, 2016


I wrote an article about sending daily reports to product owners:….

More recently I've been working on an app to automate as much as possible this report. It assumes you use Trello to manage the production workflow:

I hope it can help!

10:52 am March 16, 2016

wouldn't it make sense to document the discussions and action items in case the scrum master needs to take that summary to scrum of scrum?

05:43 pm March 16, 2016

The presence of the Scrum master is not required in the Daily Scrum.
Why do you want the Scrum master to be in a Scrum of Scrum ?

01:33 am March 17, 2016

Olivier - Here is what I learnt from scrum alliance training - The Scrum Masters and anyone else needed to deliver the Scrum of Scrums collaborative Definition of Done meet and communicate impediments, progress, and any cross team coordination that needs to happen by answering for the team the same three questions used in the Daily Scrum.

02:33 am March 17, 2016

Why would Scrum Masters be needed to create a Definition of Done at any level?

07:01 am August 30, 2020

Hello All, 

Am new to Scrum need some help.

As am reading the comments am bit lost, the forum heading says 'Template for daily scrum meeting status', but am unable to find any template. So does it mean there is no template that needs to be tracked even by the development team to know who is doing what? where are they as of today? What are impediments they have faced or not?

Where are these information available? Is it just discussed in Daily scrum without anyone keeping a track of it, if so how during the Sprint retrospective discussion, pointers are discussed such as what went well or not went well?

Another point for clarification as the development team doesn't have any title and also there are equals who will take the ownership of these discussion and who will work to address the issues faced by the development team?

Request for your inputs.

Thanks and Regard,

Chandra Shekar M

06:11 pm August 30, 2020

does it mean there is no template that needs to be tracked even by the development team to know who is doing what? 

The Scrum Guide says:

"The Development Team uses the Daily Scrum to inspect progress toward the Sprint Goal and to inspect how progress is trending toward completing the work in the Sprint Backlog"

who will take the ownership of these discussion and who will work to address the issues faced by the development team?

How important do you think it is for a Development Team to collaborate with joint ownership and accountability...including on matters of discussion, and issues that ought to be raised with their Scrum Master?

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