Path from PSPO to PSM Certification

Last post 09:31 am April 29, 2022
by Sambit Bhattacharya
09:31 am April 29, 2022

I'm planning to take PSPO 1 after a completion of PSPO 1 training recognized by next week.

Reading: I've studied Scrum Guide, EBM Guide and The Professional Product Owner Book by Don & Ralph already. I've also read Scrum - A Pocket Guide by Gunther.

Audio: events, Couple of Udemy Courses and numerous scrum videos available in youtube

Online Materials: forums

Mock Assessment: Open Assessments - Product Owner, Scrum Master - always scoring 100%, Udemy Mock Assessments of PSPO 1 - Scoring 93-95%, PSPO 2 - 91%. I'm able to answer with stated accuracy with an average time of 30-35 seconds per question. 

Preparing for more than a month and will keep on preparing for another 7-10 days. Probably, I'll attempt after burning 300+ hours in preparation.

I'm quite confident that I can crack PSPO 1, PSPO 2, PSM 1 and PSM 2 in another 10-15 days of time.

My questions:

1. Am I overconfident? Is there any seeming gap I'm missing to see?

2. After I complete PSPO 1, I want to avail 40% discount on PSPO 2 (comes with PSPO 1 training recognized by, and hence would appear for PSPO 2 in case my score in PSPO 1 > 95% scored with confidence (which only I'll know).

3. If I can pass PSPO 1, I can surely pass PSM 1, and if I can pass PSPO 2 I can surely pass PSM 2. Is this assumption terribly wrong?

4. Should I get certified with PSPO as well PSM simultaneously? Probably, that will help me collect certificates but will such a profile make sense in case I'm not looking to be a PST? I mean what value does employers see with someone holding both PSM and PSPO? Does it not say the holder doesn't know what he wants in life? I've strong Domain knowledge in Insurance and Capital Markets complemented with certificates and I'm planning to take AI-900 course after completing PSPO and/or PSM.

Would request inputs from the experts in this forum please. Their knowledge and points of view appreciated.