Sprint Goal for my company

Last post 09:34 pm May 3, 2022
by Eric Lopez
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06:32 pm May 3, 2022

Hello All, So the question I have is regarding bringing in the "sprint Goal" culture into our scrum team. Our team has a lot of moving parts and our work in our Sprints isn't just for one application or program. We developing solutions for different departments across the organization. So some of the work aren't related at times. How would bring the culture of having an Sprint Goal to the team? Is good having multiple Sprint Goals? Thank you!

06:51 pm May 3, 2022

Perhaps Scrum isn't the right solution to your problems. The various Scrum roles, events, and artifacts are based upon the ability to maintain the five values, of which commitment and focus are two. When your work isn't cohesive, you don't have commitment and focus on your specific Product Goal or Sprint Goal. This ripples into effective Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, Sprint Reviews, and even Sprint Retrospectives.

Could you get value out of some of these practices? Maybe. But I'd want to look at how the team is organized to try to find ways to form around cohesive value streams, products, or some other shared construct.

07:45 pm May 3, 2022

So the question I have is regarding bringing in the "sprint Goal" culture into our scrum team. 

Don't. Bring in the Scrum values first, which include commitment and focus. You can then ascertain whether or not the implementation of the framework would be appropriate and likely to succeed.

There are two sayings in Scrum which are immediately relevant:

  • "Scrum begins with Done"
  • "Stop starting, start finishing"

These values appear to be weakly inculcated right now, and that's where any cultural change ought to start. Be aware that a sense of urgency for enterprise change, which is deep and pervasive, must be communicated and reinforced from the very top.

    09:34 pm May 3, 2022

    So, I am currently the Scrum master. I see both points. The company had adopted agile but as far as Scrum, it’s a work in progress. I want to bring the culture of what is scrum is and can be to the team. I just feel like the team and organization is structured it may not be the easiest. But I want to coach them in understanding the roles in Scrum and how they operate.