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Types of builds

Last post 11:53 am June 10, 2014 by James Hobson
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05:03 pm May 5, 2014


Should a scrum team perform "local command line build" ? I agree with "command line build", it's necessary for any continuous integration tool. But the word "local" puzzle me. According to me, no needs to execute command line build in local, your IDE knows how to do it.

What is your opnion ?


11:53 am June 10, 2014

I would answer no, because there is no good scrum reason why a developer must run a build from the command line.

Practically many developers will run a local build from the command line to ensure that once the commit their changes the CI will build sucessfully, and typically the command line build will be the same as the one used by CI but I cannot see why this should be explicitly required by the scrum process.