Sprint backlog and Scrum Backlog

Last post 07:04 am May 21, 2014
by Michelle Gomes
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03:05 am May 19, 2014

Hi All
Is there anything like a Scrum Backlog?? If so, what does that contain?

And as far as Sprint Backlog goes , what would be the right answer for it's contents??

1> A list of User stories for the sprint
2> A list of tasks needed for achieving the sprint goal?

06:19 am May 19, 2014

The scrum guide does not mention a scrum backlog.

If it is sprint backlog, I would say both answers are good.

12:28 am May 21, 2014

Thanks ...

But both of the above mentioned are options.. Which one to choose?

05:30 am May 21, 2014

If you read the Scrum Guide, you will notice that both answers are right. If you look for the best answer, I would choose 2 because it focuses on the sprint goal and what needs to be done to achieve it. Answer 1 mentions User Stories, which are not exactly part of Scrum but a good practice to document Product Backlog Items.

05:33 am May 21, 2014

Hi Ludwig


I see no mention of Scrum Backlog, is there a more recent version of the Scrum guide?

07:01 am May 21, 2014

Hi Michelle,
sorry I didn't make clear that I was referring to the Sprint Backlog (second question).
I am pretty sure there is no such thing as a Scrum Backlog, at least not in Scrum.

07:04 am May 21, 2014

Thanks Ludwig, in that sense, I would agree with you