PSM I Assessment

Last post 12:01 pm May 23, 2014
by Charles Bradley
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04:08 pm May 22, 2014

Hi all,

Just curious what you all think. If I can consistently score 100% on the practice PSM assessment, do you think I'm ready for the PSM I assessment?

Thank you in advance for any feedback provided.

05:02 pm May 22, 2014

the PSM assessment is significantly harder than the open assessment, and you need to have a sound working understanding of being a Scrum Master - focussing on servant leadership, coaching the team to self organisation, and developing the agile mindset in the business.
I encourage you to read a few more posts on this site before doing the assessment, as the token is valid for only one attempt.

02:27 am May 23, 2014


How many times do you read Scrum Guide and understand it?


12:01 pm May 23, 2014


See this thread: