Task board for scrum masters / scrum master interaction

Last post 05:26 pm May 24, 2014
by Ian Mitchell
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04:12 pm May 24, 2014

Hi there, in our company we have four scrum teams each with 100% PO and SM. Daily meetings are scaled: first the teams, then the POs, afterwards SOS with rotating team members and afterwards the scrum masters.

There are boards for SOS, the POs and the SMs. SM board is grouped by topics like "Linux know how", "recurring tasks", "method know how" and so on. I have the impression that some tasks remain open for days, if not weeks and there is no clean focus on which topics SMs should attack and and which should be delayed. All in all it feels very chaotic lately.

1. I thought about re-doing the task board as Kanban board with a limited number of work in progress items. Any experiences on this?

2. Do scrum masters even "need" to have their own board?

3. Should we only have cross-team topics/impediments there or should it be basically a copy of the impediment boards/lists of all teams?

4. I didn't find anything about scrum master interaction on the web. Any hints?

5. Is there something else about scrum master interaction you would like to share?



05:26 pm May 24, 2014

The problem with boards like this is that the tickets are often very open ended, and there is no clear Definition of Done that can be applied to them.

They can be used, but you need very fine grained items that are demonstrably achievable within a short cycle time, and which ultimately add empirical value. Remember that if you can't formulate viable acceptance criteria, then the item doesn't belong on the board in the first place. The ordering of items can be approached from the perspective of risk mitigation.