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Efficient Scrum tool during development

Last post 03:35 pm June 1, 2014 by Søren Hørup
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06:35 pm May 29, 2014

Hi all.

I work for a company that have been using Scrum for about a year. We have with success been running Scrum with post-its and physical paper backlogs, i.e. writing tasks and stories on stickies, manual burndown, etc. but have now decided to go digital with our process.

Specifically, we are in the process of demoing Jira from atlassian and are getting fond of the product.

One thing however that I feel like we are missing is the ease of writing some story, note, or whatever for the sprint or product backlog. Previously, a developer would just take a post-it and write some stuff that goes on the sprint backlog, e.g. such as a new task or bug.

In the digital world, the developer has to open the Jira homepage, create an issue, specify project, sprint, etc. before the issue is created. I may be old fashioned, but i find the process somewhat cumbersome.

This got me thinking, is there any Scrum tool out there that can facility the need to efficiently create an issue that goes directly to the 'digital' sprint board or product backlog?

As an example of efficiency, the developer wishing to create a new issue should be able to hit a key combination (such as CTRL+ALT+T) to create a new task with a user defined description regardless of the active application on his computer.

I have not yet located such a Scrum tool that allows for such efficient 'Scrum management'.
If none exists, I might be able to convince my boss that I can spent some development time building such a tool from scratch, maybe using the Jira REST API, if I am not the only person in the world who would actually use such a tool :-)

Comments regarding the latter is also very welcome!

09:30 am May 30, 2014

Hi Horup,

If not all, most of the agile planning software products (Jira, Microsoft TFS, planbox, etc) provide multiple ways for the end-users to interact with their products.
Web app based interfaces: Could be used by anyone in the team
Stand-alone clients: Could be used by anyone in the team
IDE plugins: suitable for developers
Command-line clients: suitable for admins

Atlassian IDE Connectors:…


03:35 pm June 1, 2014

While a plugin for an IDE would certainly help with productivity, a developer would still have to be in the context of the IDE to use the scrum tool.
What I am looking for is a tool that is available at all times, something that would not require the developer to navigate to the website or the IDE to write a scrum task or similar.

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