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The Sprint Planning Input

Last post 05:44 pm May 30, 2014 by Timothy Baffa
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01:32 am May 30, 2014


According to the the Scrum Guide description of the Sprint Planning:

"The input to this meeting is the Product Backlog, the latest product Increment, projected capacity of the Development Team during the Sprint, and past performance of the Development Team."

On the other hand, in the Sprint Review description:

"The entire group collaborates on what to do next, so that the Sprint Review provides valuable input to subsequent Sprint Planning."

Isn't it that the "last Sprint Review conclusions on what to do next" are missing in the description of the Sprint Planning input?

02:12 am May 30, 2014

When the team collaborate on what to do next, the Product Backlog will be discussed and perhaps refined further, and the Product Owner will reorder it appropriately. The backlog should be rendered in the best possible state for Sprint Planning.

05:44 pm May 30, 2014

The sprint review provides valuable input to product backlog maintenance (prioritization, new user stories).

The Product Backlog is the direct input into Sprint Planning Part 1. The latest Product Increment is the result of the previous sprint, and is the input to PB maintenance. Team performance is also considered as the team collaborates with the PO to craft the offer in Sprint Planning Part 1.

Team Capacity for the upcoming sprint is calculated in Sprint Planning Part 2.