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No License Number for Certifications?

Last post 06:20 pm March 21, 2018 by KHALIL SAADAOUI
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05:16 pm June 5, 2014

I'm wondering why the certifications from doesn't have any license number... I just got the PSM I Certification and for me, it doesn't look right.

Anybody else got this same feeling?

05:24 am June 6, 2014

Hi Pablo,

Do you mean the actual certificate number issued 1-N?
If you want to see how many certificates are issued you can look at the register, this lists all people who have
passed the exam, if you sorted them in date order you could work out what number you are.
Makes no difference if you are 1 or 355, its the principals of scrum that are important.


05:42 am June 6, 2014

17th November 2009 exam number 1 pass was issued for PSM 1

Congratulations Pablo you are number 22064 from the holdings as of today.
I am number 16482 of the 22145 SM that have taken the leap and passed since 17Th Nov 2009.
This when the very first PSM1 No 1 qualified.

You can see some of the veretans on here, that contribute in mass to the success of SCRUM.
Charles Bradley 158
Ian Michell 4061

Hope that sheds some light on numbers of SM who have taken PSM1 and passed.

05:46 am June 6, 2014

NB PSM2 is much different, only 169 people have ever been issued a PSM2 qualification.

08:14 am June 6, 2014

Hi Pablo

As far as I know, the qualifications do not include or involve a "license", with the possible exception of trainer.

I remember back in 2004 I did Ken's Scrum Master training course, and he *did* give me a Scrum Master "license". That was long before the days of Never once have I been asked for that license, though I think I've still got it somewhere.

03:02 pm June 6, 2014

Hi Michael and Ian, thank you for your feedback. Your clarifications make sense for sure.

Michael, how in the world you figured out what is my number? I don't see that number anywhere.. I would like to learn more about it.

04:12 pm June 6, 2014

Hi Pablo,

When you pass your name is entered here on the database…
download the database, and sort them into date order, search for your name.
This will give you the number from how ever many it is when you check it.



07:05 am June 8, 2014

I found it. What Ken gave me on April 6 2004 was a "Scrum Individual License". It says (in part):

"In fulfilment of this License, Licensee is provided with:

1. Scrum methodology, as a PDF;
2. Listing as a Certified ScrumMaster on the Certified ScrumMaster website;
3. Scrum software, as a Microsoft Excel 2000 add-in; and,
4. Scrum training materials as used in the class"

I don't have the PDF or the training materials any more, but my CSM listing was grandfathered in to the Scrum Alliance register. I no longer have the "Scrum Software" referred to either, but as I recall it was for backlog management and burndowns.

For what it's worth, this antique "license" doesn't have a number either. It was valid for 2 years and was signed by Ken Schwaber on behalf of an organization called "Advanced Development Methods". In theory I suppose my Scrum Alliance membership must renew it in some form.

01:41 pm June 20, 2014

Hello everyone,

I just passed the PSM I assestment and I have the same doubt as Pablo said. When you are saying "download the database", how should I do that?

Is there any other easy way to know the license number?

Thanks in advance,


06:12 am June 22, 2014


copy and paste it into an excel sheet.
That link opens up the sheet with all the data on it.



09:36 pm June 5, 2016

Check out Support Center on how to find your license number…

05:03 pm July 8, 2017

I do not like that you do not have any license number because normally the human resources assume that every certification must have a license number and you recommend instead to use your member account ID number but this number is not traceable and it is not shown on the certification.

It will really useful if you decide to change and adapt your certifications to the common standards which is to use a license number.


07:45 pm July 10, 2017

A current workaround for this seems to be to log into your profile, right click the "Download Certificate" link, and click "Copy Link Address" or your browser's equivalent.  Then paste it into a text editor like Notepad.  You should then be able to take those last (7?) digits at the end as a unique identifier for your certificate.…#######

 It's not ideal, but it does get around the problem with user IDs, where multiple certificates would all have the same "license number."

10:22 am March 20, 2018

Is a Scrum Master Accredited Certification ?

Thank you

01:01 am March 21, 2018


They are not recognized by Ken Schwaber or Jeff Sutherland, the creators of Scrum nor  That does not pass any judgement on them, just answering your question. has over 150,000 Professional Scrum certified individuals around the globe.

06:39 am March 21, 2018


I want to second Eric's statement, but I'd like to be a bit more blunt.  In my opinion, Scrum Institute is a certification mill, and you should not get a certification from them.


I first came across Scrum Institute from one of their sister sites, MBA Institute, where they sell an "MBA Degree" for $600 with a 98.5% "pass rate" and full refund policy.  Scrum Institute is no different.  Essentially, this means anyone who pays is guaranteed to get a certification or a degree.  They also do not specialize in any one area, so while they offer an MBA, Scrum, Six Sigma and DevOps certification (among others), it's unlikely that they have the same proficiency at evaluating applicants as organizations dedicated to one subject can.

I have not heard of any employers who recognize Scrum Institute or its sister sites as a reputable, nor would I recommend that they do.

10:42 am March 21, 2018

thank you very much Eric and Jason

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