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what happens after 'Sprint abortion'?

Last post 12:14 pm June 9, 2014 by danouche
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11:43 am June 9, 2014

do we have a Sprint Review followed by a Sprint Retrospective or do we rush to a Sprint Planning again?

thank you!

12:05 pm June 9, 2014

The Scrum Team must hold a Review with the intention of releasing as much value as possible. Undone work is re-estimated and will remain on the Product Backlog.

Scrum does not prescribe what happens then, although we can induct plausible courses of action:

- If further Sprints are anticipated, then a Retrospective will be necessary so the reason(s) for cancellation can be explored, and the process inspected and adapted accordingly.
- If further Sprints are *not* anticipated and the development process is to be terminated, then no Retrospective may be necessary (or may be impossible)
- If sprint cadence is to be preserved then a truncated increment of value may be planned for the remainder of the allocated timebox
- If sprint cadence is not to be preserved (e.g., in the absence of an organizational cadence) then any subsequent Sprint should commence (with Planning) immediately following the Review and Retrospective.

12:14 pm June 9, 2014

great, thanks!