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by Alper Gurbuz
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12:33 pm June 9, 2014

i should stop reading on the subject, the more i read the less i know. some contradictory info is now making me doubt in my basic logic capacities :P

is anything false here?

1- velocity is used by dev team to estimate how much work they can add in a Sprint backlog
2- the only purpose of velocity is to help p.o. make forecast (!!!)
3- velocity is updated by anyone that sees it needs to be updated
4- velocity of a spi can only be accounted for when the spi is done (which is the same as 'when the po considers it done'

(i find #2 to be a little extreme, by saying that its the "only" purpose.. but i can see how it can be useful to the po)


10:24 am June 10, 2014

2 is false, because of 1.
3 is phrased misleading. Of course it has to be "anyone" from the Scrum Team.
What is a spi?

11:27 am June 11, 2014

I think Danouche means PSI, or Potentially Shippable Increment

05:05 am September 8, 2014

2 seems false.
Not sure whether 3 is true though. PO is responsible for tracking the product performance as clearly stated in scrum guide.
I can imagine potential conflict between the dev team and PO when ticking a PBI as done.
Since velocity should only account the done PBIs, it falls into PO's area.
I think to avoid any conflicts most sensible approach would be the PO to update the velocity during or just after the review meetings.