Tool for product roadmap with multiple squads

Last post 07:48 pm May 20, 2022
by Daniel Wilhite
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03:28 am May 20, 2022

Hey guys, 

We have several squads that are each responsible for one area of the product. I'm after a way to capture the backlog for the product as a whole so that we can easily see the product roadmap, but also be able to quickly see roadmap for each area /squad specifically. I want to be able to see which squad is busy, which isnt, dependencies between squads etc, for better planning purposes. 
What tool do you guys use? I trialled a few but none do it all, they seem to focus one one area or the other. 
Thanks in advance! 

04:36 pm May 20, 2022

Product Backlog. The Product Owner may order, structure and organize it as he or she sees fit. There is no need for a separate roadmapping artifact and having a single source of truth will aid transparency.

07:48 pm May 20, 2022

+1 to @Ian's answer.  I also supplement with the Product Increments.  That will help you see what has been done while the Product Backlog provides the left to do.