Have doubts between agile and BA

Last post 08:02 pm May 20, 2022
by Daniel Wilhite
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06:27 am May 20, 2022


I want to start my career as a scrum master and I was reading similar technologies. Now I am confused between business analyst and agile. Is there anyone who can help me in choosing my career? My background is in business management and I am working as a BA intern in an IT company. Ongoing I want to scale up my skills in the same domain. 

04:40 pm May 20, 2022

Why do you want to start a career as a Scrum Master? What interests you about the accountability it represents?

08:02 pm May 20, 2022

Now I am confused between business analyst and agile.

Why do you think that the two are different? I want to point out that in the Scrum Guide there are references to 3 ROLES not Job Descriptions.  I worked in companies where Product Owners had Business Analyst titles or a background in that discipline.  

I also know a number of former Business Analysts that have become very good Scrum Masters.  But you have to realize that the role you play will completely change when you make that transition.  The roles are complimentary but not overlapping. 

I don't feel comfortable giving you career advice but I would suggest that you determine what it is that you want to do every day.  What kind of work interests you? What will make you feel productive and successful.