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review and redefine user histories

Last post 06:19 am July 10, 2014 by Ian Mitchell
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01:20 am July 10, 2014


What happen if a user history is done and next sprint the PO, realize that it has to be enhanced with some adds, more functionality that impacts in the DB too. We have to create another US?... brings the US back to board and add the new activities? We have to do anything else?

thanks in advance.

03:36 am July 10, 2014

Story consists of 3C - Card, Conversation, Confirmation and US "dies" is the Sprint when it's Done and Converstation is over. Thus formally a new story should be created even if it's similar (iterative devolopment).

06:19 am July 10, 2014

NB this is true even when work associated with an old story is found to have defects. New ticketed work can be raised *against* the old story (i.e. referencing it), or you can duplicate the story and give it better acceptance criteria. A story can be cloned and improved but never brought back from the grave. Once its conversation is over, a story is finished.