How to get disscount for 2nd attend the PSM I

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by Scrum Support
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11:29 am July 10, 2014

Hello team all All ,

I plan to pay & do the PSM again next week. (the 1st time i got fail )

I hear that i can get 10% discount in this case. Can you confirm and give me your guide ?


12:28 am July 11, 2014

Hello, Can anyone help on this question ?

Thanks a lot.

02:19 am July 11, 2014

I have never heard of any discount for PSMI exam. Where have you learnt about that?

02:29 am July 11, 2014

Hi Illya,

I remember that i have ever read in this forum but i dont remember exactly which topic.

02:32 am July 11, 2014

In addtion, i'd like to know how many question in the pool and how many question (or percentage) that can i meet again in the 2nd attend ?


04:03 am July 11, 2014

The discount is only if an error occurred while doing the exam (the website went down, your computer crashed etc). Nobody knows the number of question in the pool of exam questions, and I don't believe will give this information. Finally, the percentage to pass the exam the second time is still like the first time; 85% (68 questions from 80)

06:29 am July 11, 2014

Exam is no easier the second time around the pool is different and question sets are random.
Discount can be awarded at discretion by on an individual case basis I think.
Its not guaranteed, if you are awared it is 10% off the resit exam.
Playing the numbers game on what may be in the exam second time or how big the pool is isnt what scrum is all about.
This is the difference between knowing scrum and understanding scrum.


10:46 am July 11, 2014

Hello Bui Tuan Ninh,

We thank you for your continued interest in; it's great that you are interested in making a second attempt at the PSM I assessment! Regarding your inquiry, does not extend an overarching policy of offering discounted rates for additional assessment orders. If you would kindly send us an email directly to, we will be happy to examine your specific inquiry and address your individual case accordingly. We hope to hear from and further assist you soon. Thank you and enjoy your day!

11:19 am May 29, 2017


If somehow my internet connection goes down or i get disconnected . Will i be able to resume the exam again using same password ? or i will have to buy another one ?

01:49 pm May 30, 2017

Hello Vipul,

If your internet connection goes down and disconnects you from the assessment platform, you can resume the assessment by following the instructions here: