Passed PSM 1 exam

Last post 04:33 pm February 9, 2016
by Trung Hieu Hoang
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03:53 pm July 16, 2014

I have cleared PSM 1 assessment. Thanks to all for there help on the forum

03:47 am July 22, 2014

Congratulation, I desperately did the exam 3 times and I’m failing at 72.5 at most
Could you please help me with a couple of questions?


11:36 am July 22, 2014

Yes sure @mas. please let me know what are your questions and i will surely try t answer them.

01:45 pm July 22, 2014

Thats twelve questions or fifteen percent of the exam, not five at six percent.
Were stepping the boundaries of a few questions into several into many beyond that.
The idea from the feedback you get is that you go away and research it? don't give you the answer for that reason so the exam retains value.
A good SM should coach a good potential SM should study.

My advice is look at the feedback from, research it and re sit the exam.
You have to sit the exam and have areas to study where you are weak.
Question sets are not the same so irrespective of what answers are given here, if you don't know
the subject there is no guarantee a fourth attempt will gain success.
If you sat a fourth and used the answers here and failed would feel even worse.
Feedback is given to improve not just copy and paste for someone else to answer.
Remember its a SM so look beyond just copy and paste, no one said it would be easy.


02:30 pm July 22, 2014

I agree with Michael , youre not prepping enough if your getting 72% , i failed at 82.5% and I KNOW it was because i didn't prep nearly enough.

09:56 pm August 1, 2014

It's tempting to take the strategy of looking at all the PSM I Exam stuff in this forum. But I would suggest you search on your weak areas in the forums. For example, if you're not sure about Sprint Reviews, read up on them.

I haven't taken my PSM I exam yet, but plan to soon.

09:32 am October 6, 2014


Please let me know how different are these questions when compared to open assessment questions.


10:00 am October 6, 2014

From my point of view, the questions are a little bit harder than the open assessment, and you have 80 and not only 30 questions, so it needs more focus.
The open assessment is a very good training for the PSM I.
You have to be very easy with the open assessment before taking PSM I.

02:42 pm February 5, 2016

Thanks all for your reply . i plan to pass the PSM 1 assessment . i passed Open Assessment easily . Any advice will be welcome

10:36 pm February 5, 2016


Use the scrum open to understand the test format. But, it is intended to test just the bssic knowledge and hence can't be considered to reflect the diffcilty level of psm.

If you only focus on practing and paaing the assessment, be aware that you may be mislead by many paid simulation tests on the market.

Have a genuine interest in learning about Scrum, follow the conversation in this forum, and understand why something is most appropriate choice in a given situation.

Couple of good sources to use, in addition to scrum guide and this forum:

-Scrum Narrative and psm exam guide
- Michael Lapshin simulation tests

Hope this helps

11:08 am February 7, 2016

main advice : read several times and carefully the Scrum Guide :-)

04:33 pm February 9, 2016

Mock test at by Lapshin is also a useful resource.

I did it several times before the real assessment.