What is the role for project manager in agile

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by Dilani Gomis
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07:30 am July 28, 2014

Hi ,

I am working as a Software Project manager for 4 years but now most of the IT companies are moving towards Agile and there is no role as Project manager.I'm also not good in programming.

Can some one guide me what should I do . What is the career path i should select ? Is it the product owner i should fall into or something else ??

Also what kind of course /workshop i should attend

Thank you

12:11 pm July 28, 2014

Hi Dila,
as this is a Scrum Forum, I focus on Scrum roles. Other agile frameworks have different roles. In Feature Driven Development there is even a Project Manager.
If you are not good in programming, Scrum has two roles for you.
The Product Owner is a good choice, if you identify yourself with the products you develop. Once you gain experience with SCRUM, the Scrum Master might also be interesting for you. If you are not that experienced yet, you may want to consult an external coach, so you don't have to do all mistakes by yourself but can learn from those others made before you.
Good luck!

12:12 pm July 28, 2014

Oh and the appropriate courses would be PSPO and PSM respectively.

12:09 am July 29, 2014

Thank you for the reply

12:09 am July 29, 2014

Thank You