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Cleared PSM with self study

Last post 09:03 am July 30, 2014 by Anonymous
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09:03 am July 30, 2014

It was really happy moment to see PASS on my assessment at 2 am last saturday. I was scared to death to hit the 'Start assessment' button. Though I didnt get 100% and lost 5 questions but I guess I did good. I knew which questions I was doing wrong but at that moment i could think those wrong answers as right ones.

Anyways, I am really grateful to this community which helped me alot to study.. I purely did self study for 2 weeks and even at the end of 2 weeks i wasn't sure if i was ready but decided to give a shot.. more i would keep it.. more I was going to loose.

Thanks you so much.. You guys are full of knowledge and really feels great to be PSM certified.