Methods to collect happiness index

Last post 06:32 am August 1, 2014
by Ian Mitchell
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05:02 am August 1, 2014

Hello guys,

I am searching for a nice method to collect the happiness index from the team and to make it in a nice manner(diversity).
Till now I have done that by giving to each team member a Kinder egg , and they had to use the box inside the kinder by putting a number from 1-5 where :1= Discouraged 2= Unsatisfied
3= Acceptable 4= Motivated
5= Enthusiastic

How do you do it ?

06:32 am August 1, 2014

You could try the Crisp Happiness Index, which is measured continually through a Google spreadsheet. Jeff Sutherland has had good results with this.

The Kinder approach sounds like a fun one. Note however that Kinder eggs are banned in the US and you can get into trouble for bringing them into the country. This is a bit of a shame because they are also useful for coaching teams about optimal batch sizes and throughput.