Automatic test servers

Last post 08:26 am August 26, 2014
by Tim Stefan Hauschildt
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05:13 am August 20, 2014

During developing web-projects, manager always need to test the new features. Typically, this is done using test servers. But often, the manager (e.g. me) can’t run a test server himself to see the new features and has to ask developers for the help, distracting them from their work. Besides purchased test equipment is not necessary 90% of the time.

A few days ago i found project, which automatically creates a test server in the cloud for each new feature at the time it was added to the project. The manager does not need to configure anything himself - when developers have prepared a new feature which they want to show to their manager, they make changes to the code. Teatro sees these changes, launches a personal test server for this concrete feature and sends a unique link to the manager. It only remains to follow the link and start testing.

Access to the service is provided on a monthly subscription basis. Pricing depends on a maximum number of parallel servers and projects.

Maybe somebody will find it useful for him.

08:26 am August 26, 2014

Dear Alexey Ermolaev,

I have difficulties finding "teatro testserver". There is no article in wikipedia, no website I can refer to.
Can you point me to a source of information about the testserver, please?

I like using Jenkins (, but I am not sure whether it is like what you found.