DevOps for Software Development

Last post 01:06 pm June 21, 2022
by Darcy DeClute
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06:37 am June 20, 2022

Hi this is Palak Sharma,

I am in second year of my engineering, I have to take software development classes after some weeks, my little bit doubt is on DevOps, and how DevOps can help in Software Development ?

Can anyone suggest their answers.

Looking for some positive reply.


09:32 am June 21, 2022

This is far too broad a question. I'd recommend reading 'The DevOps handbook' as a great introduction to the concept. 

01:06 pm June 21, 2022

I think @Michael is right.

And I might even say that it's not that the question is too broad, but that DevOps is too broad.

What is DevOps?

DevOps has no official definition.

With Scrum, we have the Scrum Guide.

With Agile, we have the manifesto.

There is no standards organization that officiates on what is and what is not DevOps.

DevOps is everything

DevOps really seems to refer to what is going on in the current zeitgeist of software development.

DevOps describes the new tools, the new technologies, the new processes that emerge from their use, and the mindset of the people who use them.

So DevOps encompasses things like:

  • Continuous software delivery
  • Microservices
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • RESTful APIs
  • An Agile mindset
  • Continuous integration
  • Cloud based technologies

Follow Your Passion

Want to know something interesting?

You don't choose your interests. Your interests choose you.

So find the interests that have chosen you and follow them. 

What do you like?

  • Project management?
  • Coaching people?
  • System administration?
  • Configuring software?
  • Writing code?
  • Deploying applications?

Find Your Niche

Which of these calls to you?

Follow your passion. If you use modern technologies, embrace and Agile mindset and use the best practices that lead to the continuous delivery of software, you'll be doing DevOps.

But for now, you might need to narrow things down and find your niche.