example of scrum team satisfaction questionnaires

Last post 01:05 pm June 22, 2022
by Michael Lloyd
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03:18 pm June 21, 2022

Hello all,

Do you have examples of questionnaires to propose to the scrum team to collect their levels of satisfaction?

Thank you

06:22 pm June 21, 2022

No good ones I'm afraid. Each was a crutch being used to compensate for deeper issues.

Levels of team satisfaction aren't something you collect. As a Scrum Master and fellow team member, this is something you experience directly and read. If you can't, then that's the problem to solve. 

01:05 pm June 22, 2022

Satisfaction is dicey, because it's possible to be entirely satisfied but not actually delivering value. 

The least productive team I ever worked with was probably the most satisfied. 

I know it's probably sacrilegious  to mention SAFe on the Scrum forum, but i've personally found some of their measure and grow tools to be helpful if you want some guidance on what health checks you can use. 


If you scroll down you can download the SAFe Business Agility health checklist. 

As will all things SAFe, it's super prescriptive so I wouldn't take it TOO seriously, but some of the stuff in there is a great start point.