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Last post 07:47 am September 28, 2015 by Gregor Lorenz
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06:45 am August 24, 2014

Hi all at

A general theme we get is that of certifications,Q&A's.

Could it be possible to have a search facility on name in the passed examinations?
(Currently you have to open the full database)
This way you could just reference the name rather than have to search the list.
search = first name + last name.
Even better if it gave the date and the certification number since certifications began.
This data can be obtained but you have to crunch it in excel.

It would be nice to see some metrics on how many people come through,1st time pass, 2nd time pass, etc.
Year, type of courses , PSM1,PSM1, PSPO1, PSPO2, PSF, PSD etc.
This would give people a real flavor for what it is that they will be embarking on as a journey.
Based on what we know, all that have made the journey before and how it was for them.
Customizable metrics would be great, even more so for trainers to show students.
Is it possible to have some metrics dashboard to show what we have achieved as a community?

Possibly split the courses into separate forum categories as all posts are in two categories.
With many Q&A on exams and certification would keep them in their respective directories.
PSM, PSPO, PSF, PSD, dodgy passports, mail order brides, type directories?


07:47 am September 28, 2015

I totally agree with Michael. As scrummres are always dedicated to improvements, how about having a specific forum for user feedback regarding the 'product', i.e. website, forums, certifications?

(1) For the level II exams, it would be nice to have some examples regarding essay questions and the level of detail that is expected. Otherwise, there is a high amount of uncertainty during preparation. I'm not asking for an exhaustive list - just a few examples with comments would already be a great help. Also an idea about the ratio of multiple-choice and essays would be great information. I believe this level of uncertainty coupled with the price is a reason for many to not attempt the level II exams. Unless resolved, it would be only fair (considering price and uncertainty factor) to have a free second attempt. I think this increase the number of attempts and is overall also beneficial for the business case.

(2) Wrt. to multiple choice questions the 'tick' is probably the simples to implement. However, it would be great if you can flag options as "definitely wrong", so you don't need to consider them again when you get back to the question (via bookmark). It's particularly a great help if the answering options span 2-5 lines.

(3) Questions should be loaded in the background and multi-loads avoided. During my PSPO I exam, I encountered 10-15 second waits in between questions, which totaled to a reduction of 16mins (i.e. 25%) exam time. I loaded a few other pages in parallell, and they were delviered in milliseconds. It definitely was a problem of the exam host (or that of some server on the route). Easy to solve if countdown is stopped in between requests or questions are pre-loaded in the background. In particular, nowadays, there's hardly a reason that the same questions and answers need to be loaded multiple times (navigate back-/forward, bookmarks).

Thanks upfront for taking care!


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