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Last post 05:28 am September 5, 2014
by Abhijit Kundu
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02:20 am August 29, 2014

Hi All
Is there any place where I can get standardized templates/format for recording Sprint Review/Sprint Retrospective learnings & outcomes as well as Scrum Backlog refinement steps/techniques?

Thanks in advance..

02:40 pm August 29, 2014
10:36 am September 3, 2014

Hi Abhijit,
there are many templates, but if you want to be agile, it is the wrong way to use a template. The reason is that the template is designed for the specifiic environment it comes from, so it does not neccessarily fit to your environment.
A better way is to use the simplest way of documentation you can think of and adapt and improve over time.
Templates can help you to find ideas, but they are not really agile.

05:28 am September 5, 2014

Thanks Charles

@Ludwig: Template always helps from baselining perspective even though it is from different environement.
Off course it needs to be customized to suit ones needs and the context it is applied. That was the reason behind my question so that I no longer need to re-invent the wheel :)

Thanks again to both of you...