EBMgt & Lean Startup

Last post 02:02 pm August 30, 2014
by Ian Mitchell
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12:36 pm August 30, 2014

Hi folks,

Are there any significant differences between Evidence Based Management and Learn Startup ?
The Lean Startup MVP, released in order to validate hypothesis is build to collect evidence in order to pivot or continue.
Both systems look very close to me, so I wonder if I miss something important here.


02:02 pm August 30, 2014

I believe the metrics used in EBMgt are protected as IP, so it's difficult for an outsider to build a full picture.

However, I remember Ken saying that lagging indicators were given some weight in Agility Path. If that is still the case with EBMgt then it may be a departure from the Lean Startup practice of using actionable metrics drawn principally from leading indicators. Also I'm not sure if EBMgt has the same lean business philosophy behind it. For example, would it support a concierge MVP?