Add Open Assessments to the User profile page

Last post 03:28 pm September 2, 2014
by Anonymous
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03:24 pm September 2, 2014

Dear team,

it would be nice if also the free "Open Assessments" were listed in the "My Assessments" section of the user profile page once the user completed it. Right now only the non-free assessments seem to be listed there.



03:28 pm September 2, 2014

Hello Franz,

Thank you for your feedback. The Open assessments are to be used as a learning tool. We offer them so people can take them as often as they like to practice, but we do not offer badges for the free assessments, and your Open assessment results are not designed to appear in your member profile. Only our Professional-level assessments for certifications have score results, badges and certificates that will show in your member profile.