Have you transitioned from Project Manager to Scrum Master? Need input

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by Anke Maerz
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07:15 pm September 5, 2014

I started by career as a Project Manager and am now a Scrum Master and love it. I'm looking for other perspectives from others who have made the same career transition.

1) What drove you to make the decision to change your career path?

2) How did you make the career change to the Scrum Master role?

3) What was/ is the hardest challenge coming from the PM responsibilities and mindset?

4) What advice do you have for successfully transitioning/ maturing in the Scrum Master role?


10:54 am September 8, 2014

Hi Sockerman,

I am in quite a similar situation.

1) Business context changed and we embraced the opportunity to rethink our development processes. So I did some research about Scrum and I like the balance of responsibilities and the valuing basic attitude of the Scrum framework.
2) Business context changed and we... :-) No, sincerely. I came to scrum.org, read a lot in the forum. Then I read the Scrum Guide over and over, took the Open Assessment (several times) and the PSM I. Simultaneous I started promoting Scrum in my company.
3) I think it depends. If you have internalized the Scrum Guide, or better, the Scrum spirit, I think the hardest challenge is to correctly interpret your current situation and your current team. Where is the line between helpful guidance and micro-management? What impediments is your team facing and how can you remove them?
4) I'm probably not experienced enough to judge that point. From reading some posts in the forum I think it is mandatory to
- embrace change in processes, procedures and thinking
- be consequent in following the Scrum Guide inwards and outwards
- have a lot of stamina, as others may not change as quickly as you want them to

Best regards,

08:36 am September 9, 2014

Did the transition just happen? In the company. You say you promote scrum and now work as Scrum master. Did people just start acting dioffernetly or did tehy already work agile?

09:04 am September 10, 2014


Question 1:
Actually we still are in the transition.

Question 2:
I don't think it's possible to answer that with "yes" or "no" because I guess there is not one single company working perfectly agile (although surely some are quite near to that).
In some areas we've been working agile all along (e.g. meeting culture) and we have only discovered small improvements. In some other areas (e.g. release cycles) we have discovered several ... well, ponderous procedures we are willing to change now or have just changed yet. And then there are some further ares (e.g. team structure, balance of formal responsibilities, micromanagement) where I see a lot to be improved in future but hasn't been addressed or agreed upon yet.
So: People started acting differently and work agile on some domains. And people didn't start acting differently and don't work agile on others. And, of course, even that depends. Some people are intrinsically agile-hearted while others are still rather reluctant.