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Last post 10:24 am September 16, 2014
by Michael Grove
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09:36 am September 9, 2014

We have recently assessed the Agile tool Rally as a pretty good fit for our small business that has recently moved to agile. We need a tool that will streamline our sprint planning sessions as well as provide great traceability of our user stories and tasks.

For those of you who have used Rally, what are your opinions of the tool for streamlining your company's agile process? How have your experiences been with their team and company culture as a whole?

02:04 am September 14, 2014

Hi Mike,
I am using Rally, it is good.
Streamlining company's agile process is left to top management & the team members commitment. But Rally as a tool helps to follow the agile process.

The access is through browser, I heard that it is provided as SaaS from Cloud. Very frequently you will see/hear the improvements done to Rally, looks like they are also following Agile.
You also have a very good help page with images & videos. People can learn themselves.
You can also submit your new ideas of enhancement to rally team.

Also I heard about another tool VersionOne, not used that. Please try that as well.


12:20 pm September 14, 2014

Why are your current sprint planning sessions sub-optimal, and why is traceability inadequate?

12:56 pm September 15, 2014

Thanks for responding Ian,

The tool we are currently using for managing our user stories and tasks is Trac. It was great when we were back on the waterfall model for managing bugs and enhancements, however; it tends to get messy quickly when managing more complex relationships such as features -> epics -> user stories -> tasks. It is an everyday struggle to trace a task back to the original idea, not to mention getting an easy way to provide visibility around the entire sprint. These are just a few of the hardships that end up costing us quite a bit of man hours.

The demo's I've seen of Rally functionally will make this leaps and bounds easier, I was just wondering if anyone in this community had actively used Rally and what their general input was around using the software and interacting with the Rally team.

10:24 am September 16, 2014

Great feedback Senthil, this is exactly the sort of input I'm looking for.