Different teams in different projects

Last post 03:55 pm September 14, 2014
by Ian Mitchell
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02:48 am September 12, 2014

Hi all!

For a project you could have the PO from the customer, 4 developers and SM from contractor A and 2 developers/testers from contractor B. This team would only work together in this particular project. For the next project a different team is assembled with partly different members. If this is relatively short projects, there is little time to the team to go through the storm-norm-perform phases before the project is done. How would you work with the team in a situation like this?

03:55 pm September 14, 2014

A Development Team must be able to explain how they intend to deliver a potentially releasable increment. If their explanation is unconvincing then the Scrum Master has coaching opportunities. Agreeing WIP limits and a Definition of Done may help the team to focus on the issue of how they intend to collaborate.