Failure to Adopt or Implement Scrum

Last post 02:37 pm September 14, 2014
by michael
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06:47 pm September 13, 2014

What are the top ways in which organizations fail to adopt or fully implement Scrum and/or Agile?

01:53 pm September 14, 2014

Number 1: Lack of executive sponsorship. This includes a lack of political will, and/or a failure to accept the deep change that will be involved.

Number 2: Availability of fake alternatives, including pseudo-agile processes that are tool dependent or which mimic existing organizational practices.

02:14 pm September 14, 2014

Thanks Ian. What are some ways to help executives accept that deep change required?

02:37 pm September 14, 2014


Here are some real examples of that, as Ian says they are pretty much spot on.