Evaluation of Estimation

Last post 11:54 am October 30, 2014
by tim muttitt
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11:58 am September 18, 2014

For my MSc thesis I would like to evaluate which agile estimation methods are most frequently used and what their advantages and disadvantages are. For this evaluation I'll kindly ask you to answer the following questions.
The evaluation should require only a few minutes of your time.
Yours faithfully,
Marc Schulze


11:54 am October 30, 2014

Hi Marc,

I took your survey and it seems English is not your first language. You've done a valiant effort to word the questions correctly, but there are several that do not make sense.

I am happy to help you write the forms in easy to understand english?

Please contact me - tmuttitt@gmail.com if you would like some translation help!