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by Abhishek Gera
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01:50 am September 24, 2014

Hi guys,

Can anyone suggest me for the following scenario,

You are just about start your first Sprint and during the Sprint planning, your development team says "Hey PO, we need about 3 sprints to build initial framework and then only we can focus on customer features". PO agrees. What would be your reaction and why?

02:54 pm September 24, 2014

How can you confirm your framework is "done" without any single customer feature to prove it ?
What about building some small customer features to assess the correct behavior of your framework ?

07:09 am September 25, 2014

Olivier is right, every sprint has to deliver at least one bit of new functionality. Your dev team tries to stay in waterfall behavior, but call their Design phase "Sprint 1-3". Some call it "Sprint 0". It doesn't really matter how you call it, but it is not Scrum, and it creates waste and increases risk because of missing transparency.

07:31 am September 25, 2014

Hi Daniel,

(only!) in addition to Olivier and Ludwig, perhaps you can also see the absence of the framework as an impediment you can raise to the Scrum Master and try to get some more resources to help the Development Team setting the framework. After the framework is set, you could reduce the Development Team again and work like planned now after Sprint 3.

07:45 am September 25, 2014

> What would be your reaction and why?

I'd ask the PO what value he or she expected to be in receipt of during the first three sprints, how it would be released, and how ROI would be assessed.

It's possible, albeit somewhat unlikely, that the incremental delivery of a framework might be valuable to the PO even without customer features.

01:07 pm October 1, 2014

If I were the PO I would have a problem with the Dev Team forcasting 3 sprints and would request a deep insight into the reasoning. That said if if were truely justified and the PO approves the 1st sprint backlog so be it. The issue I have is the forcasting of 3 sprints doesn't lend any support to the "Transparency, Instpection, Adaptability".

05:38 am October 6, 2014


Can anyone help? I've been asked to give a 10 minute presentation on a project plan for a simple migration of dicumentation from a network shared folders to a document management system (workspace).

The plan needs to include; Project including Initial Analysis, Migration Methods, Resourcing, Change Management & Training Requirements.

I'm at a bit of a loss of where to start and any guidance would be much appreciated!



05:43 am November 6, 2014

Well, you could have generated a perfect front end framework specifically for your web page. Your dev group tries to remain in perfect actions, but by contacting their style stage "Sprint 1-3". Some contact it "Sprint 0". It does not really issue how you contact it, but it is not Scrum, and it makes by spending and improves threat because of losing visibility.

04:16 am November 7, 2014

Just to rephrase...

Suppose the vision is to develop a framework and requested customer features, because of high complexity and coupling ...you see greater sense in creating the framework first and then build the functionality. Moreover, 30 days sprint is just enough to complete the framework....

In this scenario, should this project be a candidate for SCRUM?