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by Pragyan Mishra
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08:38 am September 24, 2014

Hello All,

I have got few queries as below:

1. Who sets the sprint time-box and based on what factors for sprint 1 of a new project?
We know that the sprint length does not change. What if we realize in the 2nd sprint that the length of the sprint should have been something different to that is set.

2. Can we have more than 1 PO or SM for a project having multiple scrum teams working on same product backlog?

3. Can a PO also be the part of the dev team?

I think while I am going through multiple documents from various sources am getting confused :) .


08:52 am September 24, 2014

When we say we have the SM help the PO in finding techniques to manage PB, what are these techniques! DO we have any examples anywhere?

09:23 am September 24, 2014

Hi Pragyan,
1. It is not true that the sprint length does not change. Usually teams start with a sprint length they see fit, and if in the retrospective they see problems with that length, concerning the planning horizon, or they see market opportunities with a shorter sprint lenght, they absolutely can adapt the sprint length.
But keep in mind that a constant sprint length reduces complexity and leads to a constant velocity, which supports release planning.
2. Absolutely. But each Dev Team has to know who their PO and SM is, and that has to be one person. Also for each Product there has to be one Product Owner. If you scale Scrum, he can have several area Product Owners, but he is still accountable for the Whole Product.
3. The PO is a role, and can as such not be part of another role, the Dev Team. But it is possible that the same person has the role PO and the role Developer at the same time.
Keep in mind that there are potential conflicts of interest in a scenario like this.
4. There are many good practices to manage a Product Backlog. The simplest way to start is to write User Stories on sticky notes and post them on the wall, ordered top to bottom. Then you can build categories for different stakeholders. You can use electronic tools. Whatever supports your work.
Best, Ludwig

01:08 pm September 24, 2014

Thanks Ludwik..
this helps a lot...

Best Wishes