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Can a Scrum team can change sprint length in case they don't have much item in the backlog / not aware about the priority.

Last post 05:14 pm July 8, 2022 by Ian Mitchell
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04:49 am July 8, 2022

I am a scrum master and handeling one cross functional team which has already delivered its first phase of MVP which client have asked. 

Now team have very limited amount of backlog item in which priority has set by the PO. 

PO did not have received feedback from the client about the next phase of work or priority.

In this situation to keep the work going on can the Team change the sprint length? 


Thanks in advance for your advice. 


05:14 pm July 8, 2022

Right now you're not Sprinting at all, because there's no empirical feedback at the end of each timebox. Without that feedback to inform the Product Owner about how value is being optimized, it's unsurprising that the Product Backlog has become starved.

The issue isn't a matter of Sprint length. It's a matter of work being conducted in phases which are not Sprints at all. That's the problem to solve.