What kind of environments are suitable

Last post 03:59 am September 30, 2014
by Manjunath Goudreddy
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02:57 pm September 27, 2014

Dear all,

This week I was assigned to a new team. In name they use
scrum but in practice they do not use scrum. I am assigned to the team to revive scrum. However I doubt if scrum is the rught method for this team.

The team execute small projects (between 100-500 hours) in the same domain. However their activities are not related at all. The developers all execute a seperate projects. Because of this lack of coherence, and the small seize of tje project I doubt if scrum is most suitable. I wonder your view on the situation.

03:59 am September 30, 2014

Dear Liesbeth,

I think in order to answer your question, we need some more inputs. Are there more than 1 developer in the project. If so, then I think each project should be treated seperately and they can have their own release backlog. As per the Scrum guide, there could be multiple teams working for a common product backlog, whereas in your case, each project is independent, so I think they can be treated as a seperate scrum team.

My second question is, what happens after their finish the project, are there new requirements / gets into maintenance phase. If new requirements keep added then they should be added to the product backlog and the development team can focus on sprint backlog.
I hope this helps.