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Last post 09:16 am October 7, 2014
by Joshua Partogi
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08:02 am October 2, 2014

Hi all
I have a (naive) question about users training.
If you're working for a big company (lot of users, maybe hundreds) and is required to do some users training for each increment released and go-live, how it can be managed within scrum?

04:12 am October 3, 2014

If user training is necessary *before* an increment can be considered potentially releasable, then it will have to be delivered either by an appropriately skilled Development Team, or by another team that collaborates towards the release of the increment.

If user training becomes necessary only *after* an increment is considered acceptable for potential release, then it will be up to the Product Owner to organize that training, and to authorize release afterwards.

04:14 am October 3, 2014

BTW in the first case, the need for training must be incorporated into the Definition of Done for the Product.

09:16 am October 7, 2014


I've been in this situation before. The team decided to add creating video casts as part of their Definition of Done. It saves time training the users a the end of the project and users can always go back to the video casts should they forget how to use the system.