Apparent contridication in these open assesment Questions

Last post 08:23 pm October 15, 2014
by Walter Smith
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10:21 am October 8, 2014

Do these 2 questions contradict each other or am I missing something? I got the first one and missed the second.

Q: During a sprint, the development team determines that it will not be able to finish the complete forecast. Who should be present to review and adjust the sprint work selected?
A: The product owner and the Development team

Q: The dev team should not be interrupted during the sprint, The sprint goal should remain intact. These are conditions that foster creativity. Based on this, which of the following are false?
A: The sprint backlog and its contents are fully formulated in the sprint planning meeting and do not change during the sprint.

My A: The dev team may work with the product owner to remove or add work if it finds it has more or less capacity than it expected.

05:11 am October 9, 2014

First Question: Answer is correct.
Second Question: Answer is false. For an empirical process to work it is necessary to inspect and adapt the plan, which is part of the sprint backlog. In a complex environment it is not possible to predict the sprint completely.
Your Answer is correct. If you missed the question, maybe there was another correct answer you did not check.

07:27 am October 13, 2014

First question says "the development team determines" (inspect). The following "review and adjust the sprint work" is adaptation.

Second question says "dev team should not be interrupted". This implies an external source. Feedback from outside of Scrum Team happens during Sprint Review.

You also have to be careful about what the 2nd question asks for: "which of the following are false?". Everything not following agile values is wrong. A fully formulated Sprint Backlog sounds like a classic project plan.

01:51 pm October 13, 2014

Thanks Ludwig. According to the results, the only correct answer to the second question is the one shown. My answer was marked as incorrect

03:30 pm October 14, 2014

Walter, your answer to the 2nd question is *true*/consistent with Scrum -- but the 2nd question asked for answers that are *false*/inconsistent with Scrum.

08:23 pm October 15, 2014

Thanks Steffen and Charles. I must have re-read that 20 times and didn't catch the false part. When I came back to it today I saw it immediately.