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by tim muttitt
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04:39 pm October 23, 2014

I'm preparing to PSM I exam. I found contradiction what Scrum Guide says about SM role. It's stated that SM does not have to be on daily meetings (he/she only has to ensure team do them). One of the point for daily meetings are impediments . From other side major SM responsibility is to remove impediments. How can he/she know about them if not present on daily meetings ?


05:50 pm October 23, 2014

If, for some reason, the team were unable to raise impediments before the Daily Scrum, then it would be a good idea for the Scrum Master to attend.

Wouldn't it be better to bring them to the Scrum Master's attention before then, though?

07:37 pm October 23, 2014

Pawel, you have to remember that many of the components of Scrum are "minimums", as in, at minimum, you have to have a potentially releasable increment(PRI) at the end of each sprint. This does not stop you from deploying to production every single day or hour. The minimum requirement is that you have at least one PRI at the end of the Sprint. You're allowed to do more than that.

Yes, at the Daily Scrum, it is encouraged that the Dev Team talk about any impediments that are in their way, but that is a minimum. They can talk about or resolve impediments ANY time. In fact, I think that "saving up your impediments" for the Daily Scrum is a bad practice, because it implies unnecessary delays.

See the "obstacle resolution" section here:

07:40 pm October 23, 2014

And of course, +100 to Ian's point as well.

01:46 pm October 28, 2014

The team should be aware that the SM may or may not be at the daily planning meeting. They should also be aware if there are any impediments they can not solve themselves, to raise that impediment to the SM.