Seen in a Job advert- Either CSM or PSM II

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by Olivier Ledru
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06:43 am November 9, 2014

Observed a job ad where one of the essentials requirements is that the candidate either should have CSM from Scrum Alliance or PSM II for Equating CSM to PSM II is a joke, and a CST work with the Org(won't share the name of the person or the Org) as an Agile Coach from where this requirement has originated. Seems to be a sad state of affairs first because of the reliance on certifications as a mandated requirement, and secondly, "CSM or PSM II", is open discrimination. I believe what CSM training class covers, similar stuff is covered by Professional Scrum Foundations, making Professional Scrum Master training a notch or two higher than a CSM class. When I put forth some of my views on the certification aspects, I came on the receiving end. It is frustrating to see certain dogma still existing within the Agile community.

07:04 am November 9, 2014

This is really sad. For me even comparing PSM I and CSM would be kind of a bad joke. Personally I don't know any people that were not able to pass the CSM assessment. But I know quite a lot of people who do not pass PSM I from the 1st attempt. And every time I start the PSM class I honestly say to my students that some of you will not pass it. And that's fine.

12:14 pm November 9, 2014

I dare say that if a PSM II applies and is shortlisted then the interview could be entertaining.

12:56 pm November 12, 2014


Send them this and ask them to inspect and adapt ;-)…



09:46 am November 13, 2014

Hi michael,
even with the disclaimer in the beginning, I think the article is very biased.
Ken Schwaber left Scrum Alliance and foundet but I believe Jeff Sutherland is still at Scrum Alliance and teaches CSM courses, not PSM.
However it is true that they publish the Scrum Guide together and that meanwhile the Scrum Alliance has accepted that guide as rules of the games.

06:21 am November 15, 2014


I didnt write the article as you know.
My point was to share how the two stack up, that also adds weight to some of the comments here.
I have yet to come across any article that contradicts that one, in terms of how they stack up.
You hold both PSMI and PSMII, so you would agree that the job criteria is right CSM is the same as PSMII?
There is nothing wrong with that POV if you have that, I dont hold PSMII or CSM but did research the two routes.
From when i did my research into the two routes, came via as pretty much all the research says its much
more comprehensive in all its examination areas.
Charles could possibly say as he holds most of them and compare at a coverage level between CSM, PSMI and PSMII.

01:06 pm November 15, 2014

I would say CSM is more or less equals to PSM I and CSP is (or was because the process changed this year) more or less equals to PSM II.