Huddle meeting/call

Last post 04:37 pm August 3, 2022
by Sasi Kumari Pedhiredla
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10:18 am August 2, 2022

Hello All,

I want to understand the difference between daily scrum and huddle meeting. Could anyone help me?. Thanks in advance!

08:43 pm August 2, 2022

One is described in the Scrum Guide along with its purpose and expected outcomes. The other isn"t.

If the Guide isn't used, I'm afraid there may be no difference at all, and Scrum outcomes cannot then be expected.

10:53 pm August 2, 2022

What @Ian said. 

But to be sarcastic, there are a lot of differences:

  • daily scrum is 2 letters shorter than huddle meeting
  • there is no y in huddle meeting
  • there are no repeated letters in daily scrum
  • there are two double letter combinations in huddle meeting and none in daily scrum.

Sorry, I'll stop there.  It is getting late in the work day where I am at and I'm a bit punchy.  We tend to be pretty serious in our posts here so I thought I'd lighten things up a bit. 

11:28 pm August 2, 2022

We use the term 'huddle' in American football. The entire offense huddles on the field for a short time (less than 30 seconds) to strategize and discuss the upcoming play. Then the offense runs to the line, snaps the football, and runs the play in hopes of moving the ball up the field or scoring a field goal or touch down. 

In Scrum we use the term Daily Scrum, where the Developers take a brief timeout (15 minutes or less), to plan their day. It's a planning event to inspect their progress towards the Sprint Goal and adapt their plan for the next 24 hours (i.e. adapt the Sprint Backlog based on the latest information).

So, many Scrum teams use 'huddle' as a slang term, but they probably mean Daily Scrum. These are the same folks who might use the term 'Demo' for a Sprint Review. 

You can probably blame the Americans for the confusion! 

11:24 am August 3, 2022

Thank you all for the reply