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Survey on Agile Project Management and PMBOK 7

Last post 05:17 pm August 3, 2022 by Ian Mitchell
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12:18 pm August 3, 2022

Hello, my name is Hassan. I am currently working on my Master Thesis in the area of Agile Project Management and PMBOK 7  at Hochschule Furtwangen, Germany. I have created a short survey as part of the research for my Master's Thesis. Please take out 7-10 minutes from your time to fill out the survey. Your inputs will help me in forming an analysis.

Appreciate inputs from project management practitioners only- due to the nature of the topic. Please find the survey under the following link.


05:17 pm August 3, 2022

Appreciate inputs from project management practitioners only

I took a quick look and found I would have been unable to complete it anyhow. I found assumptions within it that PSM is a project management certification and that Scrum is a methodology.