Setting up a scrum of scrum for contributing dev teams

Last post 11:05 am August 6, 2022
by Ryan Kent
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08:32 pm August 5, 2022

I am trying to figure out a way to set up a scrum of scrum for teams that are within the same program but work in a contribution model meaning they get the intent but to complete the intent/features they need to work with teams outside of their program who own the services/Apis/components. So anyone has any potential advice on how I can make a scrum of scrum valuable to those teams and my leadership even though they don’t work closely together but are still in the same program? What are different tools and topics I can bring to the meetings?

05:47 am August 6, 2022

What can actually be done to enable each team to produce a Done, integrated, and immediately usable increment under its own steam? In Scrum the first action is to descale the challenge, and to only introduce scaling strategies as a last resort.

11:05 am August 6, 2022

What Ian said.

Some other thoughts...Scrum of Scrums is intended to be a scaled version of a Daily Scrum. A Daily Scrum is a formal opportunity to inspect progress against the Sprint Goal and make a plan for the day to make further progress. A Scrum of Scrums ought to have the same focus and would likely include integration discussions to make sure teams are collectively making progress and work is integrating or will successfully integrate.

You could look to the Nexus Guide and the Nexus Daily Scrum for ideas and guidance: 

Some topics for discussion could be:

  • Was the previous day’s work successfully integrated? If not, why not?
  • What new dependencies have been identified?
  • What information needs to be shared across teams?

Regarding "valuable to those teams and my leadership" A Scrum of Scrums does not need to be valuable to you leadership. At least not directly. Like a regular Daily Scrum, is meant for those with hands on keyboards building the product. If you have leadership involved, there is a good chance you are talking about something all together different from a Scrum of Scrums.