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Last post 11:33 am December 9, 2014
by Anke Maerz
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02:15 am December 9, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I am new to scrum and have decided to implement the framework into my software company. I am a little confused about the planning of the software. Everywhere on scrum it tells the scrum team not to plan but just develop. If we don't plan anything then we will make a lot of mistakes. I would like a little clarification on this topic.

I have prioritized the features but many features are interconnected. Not planning will cause the software a lot of errors.

Here is how I planned it out

In the initial sprint my entire teams works together to design the wire frame, scenarios, test, revise, create the business login, then repeat each step for each feature. until the software is outlined.

Using this lean document, in a later sprint we will design, test, code, test, repeat for each function.

Can you please explain why this method is incorrect?

11:33 am December 9, 2014

Hi Daniel,

the idea in Scrum is not "not to plan". The idea is "not to overplan" and to frequently inspect and adapt the plan. Have you read the Product Backlog grooming-section on p. 13 of the Scrum Guide?

It even says that the Development Team often has the domain knowledge for grooming itself.
But if you use more than 10% of the capacity of the Development Team for Grooming (=planning), you can unnoticedly get carried away. It just impedes the pillars of inspection and adaptation because you can't react to changes early and you risk not being able to deliver working software before your planning is out-of-date.

How long are the Sprints, you are talking about? Can you really outline the whole software in one Sprint?