Can I be a SCRUM MASTER? I am a SharePoint Administrator

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by roman shtekelman
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06:28 am December 17, 2014

Hi all

I have been looking at SCRUM Master Certification and what SCRUM does. Let me start by giving a brief detail about my experience and then ask you what am I looking to find here.

I am a SharePoint Administrator at a Senior level and have an experience of about 6 years in IT so far, I havent been involved much in any of the software development projects yet, I am in to the support projects. I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in SharePoint and Office 365 MCSA as well. I am ITIL V3 Foundation certified in ITSM.

Now What I wanted to know from you guys is, Can I be a SCRUM MASTER? Would it be a totally different approach when compared to my current job, Would it make sense for me to be a SCRUM MASTER, What roles can I see some time down the line in terms of my role and growth? Did anyone here do SCRUM MASTER being in the similar roles, what is the best approach from here on and please provide me your inputs if its worth being a SCRUM Master keeping my current role in mind.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to see your valuable inputs :-)


03:08 pm December 17, 2014

I would strongly suggest working on the development team for a bit of time learn the role of scrum master by observation. read the scrum guide from this site and take the open accessment to gauge your comfort level.

03:23 pm December 17, 2014

Do you have a team in place? Is there a project on which you;d like to implement Scrum? A scrum master is just a single role in a larger framework. Have you read the scrum guide at Have you taken the open assessment? Some more background will be more helpful.

09:39 pm December 17, 2014

Woodie has said it well. Scrum only makes sense for software development not so much for Operation support. Having hands on experience working with a Scrum team would be beneficial.

09:19 pm December 19, 2014

Hi ,

I have a similar background to yourself (I'm a DBA) with similar qualifications to yourself (MCT, MCSE, MOSM, MCITP etc).

I started looking at scrum around March this year and have found it to be incredibly useful, from the perspective of I now understand what our dev team were trying to do and the changes which the company were experiencing. This understanding has made it far easier to relate to the dev team as well as our product owners and business in general. It has taken me away from the silo which I was in and made me have a greater input into the rest of I.T. and business, as well as making me a more rounded member of the I.T. team.

I took the PSM I & II assessments as well as the PSD and PSPO I and found them very worthwhile. I then went onto MCSD application lifecycle Management and PMI Agile exam as well as BCS testing foundation and agile testing.

From my perspective, I gained a lot from Scrum, but would recommend doing some more general agile exams straight after. PSM I is a good place to start and will come in useful for any of the general agility assessments.

I'm not sure I would want to become a scrum master , but not to hammer the point home it is a development team NOT a team of developers and the team must be cross functional. I would bring other aspects \ skills to the team.

Whilst I appreciate that my journey with scrum and agile is only in its infancy, this is my opinion as it stands now. Other members with more experience, may have a very different ideas to this.

Hope this has been of some use.

10:10 am December 31, 2014

I am a scrum master and before I became SM I was a developer for good number of years on multiple scrum projects and I learnt by observation and then I got a formal certification as well. The certification and experience in my opinion are not so important as a personality which will enable you to become a servant leader for the team and enable you to remove impediments. In my experience technical people are not best suited for this role. Better scrum masters come from background that more leans to people and you shall have a good people and communication skills. If you don't already have those but want to become a scrum master you shall also work on developing those skills in addition to getting certification.