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Add bookmark feature to Open Scrum

Last post 12:36 pm January 5, 2015 by Ryan Quellhorst
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08:54 am December 22, 2014

At least when I took the actual PSM I test, it allowed me to bookmark questions and return to them later. I used this whenever I wasn't 100% sure about the answer. Allowing me to first go through all of the questions, then jump between the bookmarked ones to give them another read and consideration. Unfortunately, the Open Assessment doesn't provide this bookmark / review feature (yet).

I think it would be good for candidates to get familiar with and learn how to use the bookmark feature in the Open Scrum assessment already.

12:36 pm January 5, 2015

I was also surprised that I could bookmark questions on the PSM and review them for later. I think the addition of bookmarks on the exam would give someone a better representation of the exam format.

One thing I found was on questions where you’re asked to give more than one answer (e.g. select 2 responses) if an answer is selected but not all answers that were asked for were selected the indicator on the review screen shows answered. It shouldn't because you didn't select all the answers that were asked for.