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When is the best time to do Sprint Review?

Last post 10:43 am August 25, 2022 by Poulomi Biswas
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02:51 pm August 12, 2022

Hi Community,

Currently we do Sprint Review, 2 days before the Sprint ends. This is to make sure we have all the stakeholders availability. is this a good practise?

Should this be conducted at the last day of the Sprint? or depends on what works best for the Team/Project?

Thanks is advance.


Poulomi B



03:16 pm August 12, 2022

The Scrum Guide says that the Sprint Review is the second to last event of the Sprint, and the Sprint Retrospective concludes the Sprint.

How do the team propose to make use of any intervening time?

I'd suggest that being invited as a stakeholder to a Sprint Review is a privilege, and the expectation ought to be that invitees make themselves available.

05:15 pm August 12, 2022

Your practice means that you are not reviewing the increment that was done in the Sprint.  You are reviewing the increment that was done up to the date of the event.  What happens if you have another increment completed after the Review?  How will you get stakeholder feedback on that? 

@Ian's question and statements are completely accurate.  However, if there is absolutely no way that your stakeholders can be available on the last day of your Sprints, maybe you should consider moving your Sprint start/end dates to match their availability because they are a crucial factor in your success.

11:42 am August 19, 2022

@Ian @Daniel Mainly the team focuses on becoming more Cross Functional on the last day of the Sprint, by doing a small Research work/Pair program with an experience developer on the current technology used. This is an improvement item identified in the Retrospective, as the Team is new and not matured.

So basically no new Increment is created after the Sprint Review event.

Thanks for your feedback.

01:51 pm August 19, 2022

If you are using the last day of the Sprint for team development, then having the Review on the next to the last day doesn't seem like an issue to me.  It will be reviewing the final increment of the Sprint. When does the Retrospective occur and Sprint Planning occur?  Because if you do all of them on the same day, you might be seeing things wrong.  It could be that you are using the first day of a Sprint for the team development.  

10:43 am August 25, 2022

@Daniel We do the Sprint Retrospective and Planning on the first day of the Sprint sequentially. This was a collective team decision.

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